Freagle – The Virtual Town Square


Freagle is a political start-up company building a Virtual Town Square which will provide a non-partisan, political intelligence and social platform that streamlines political engagement by connecting politicians and the public through powerful tools, data and smart analytics. We will leverage these technologies to restore representation in democracy through citizen engagement & government accountability.

Freagle seeks to create a paradigm shift in the way politicians communicate with the public. We will apply the latest smart solutions to restore representation and achieve the vision of our Founding Fathers yet adapted for the Digital Age.

It took over 200 years for our political system to become as broken as it is today. Many of our problems are fixable, but we must all engage to help fix them.

Whether Conservative/Moderate/Liberal or Democrat/Independent/Republican, we are all Americans first. Please join forces with us to change the political landscape so that the issues can be identified, debated and resolved through substantive dialogue rather than manipulated by money and special interests.

We used our early investment to build a Proof-of-Concept which will serve as the foundation for the full platform. The POC will be complete in mid-June. Many traditional investors have the money to influence political outcomes and are therefore not interested in supporting a platform which stands to shift the power from money back to the will of the people. It is for this reason that we are looking to the crowd, in the spirit of true democracy, to help us raise the funds necessary to complete product development and get to market.

We will be launching our official crowdfunding campaign this summer on Indiegogo. However, feel free to contribute in advance through this site. Every dollar will help us execute a successful campaign and achieve our fundraising goal.

We have all witnessed how rapidly changing technology and social habits have altered our country and the way we conduct our lives forever. These changes have demanded that we find new and better ways to maintain representation in democracy – one of the most critical and fundamental principles on which this great nation was built. Freagle will be the connection mechanism that streamlines political participation and engagement: linking politicians and the public through government transparency and improved communications tools. Together we will build a community that will become, once again, engaged in America and our political process just like our Founding Fathers imagined and planned.

To reach us, please email us at: