Freagle will give you and every American:


  • A direct channel to your elected representatives
  • A record of their voting on the select issues that matter to you
  • A means of knowing where candidates stand
  • An easy way to make your voice heard – by them and others
  • A way to keep politicians accountable for their votes and actions
  • A window into where their money is coming from
  • A political social network where you can exchange opinions
  • The ability to participate in forums, polls and start your own petitions


Why don’t Americans make their voices heard and keep their elected representatives accountable? Are we really that apathetic? I don’t think so.


I’m Niki Papazoglakis, and I believe most of us are passionate about at least a few issues. But we get tired of the spin, the sleaze, and the relentless bombardment of political babble.


And what good can we do anyway? Are we really willing to find the names and addresses of our representatives at the local, state and federal level and communicate with them? Most of us just don’t have the time.


Now, by taking advantage of technology that didn’t exist even a few years ago, Freagle promises to change everything.


It will put you in direct contact with your elected representatives. Show you clearly how they’re voting, where they stand and where their money is coming from. And give you a simple way to communicate your opinions to them, share them with others, and really participate – on your own schedule, and without a big time commitment.


We’ll go back to the good old days – when citizens’ voices could still be heard, and politicians were accountable!


They can run, but they can’t hide


Freagle will make it incredibly easy to see where your representatives and candidates stand on the issues that matter to you. Along with their voting records, donation sources, political histories, and more.


And our information is OBJECTIVE – gathered from non-partisan, publicly-available and widely-trusted sources. You’ll get the facts, not the spin.


We’ll expose the good, the bad and the ugly, and connect the dots behind votes, political contributions and influence.


Get engaged


You’ll be able to participate in polls, endorse candidates, promote organizations you support, share your opinions and respond to others.


And, it will be on your own schedule: not the timetable of a cable TV station, speech, podcast or meeting. Now you CAN fight City Hall, because we’re going to bring it to your desktop, tablet or smart phone!


Cut through the clutter


Every day we’re bombarded by so much political news and spin that it’s hard to focus on the issues that really matter to us. You could read several magazines and newspapers, listen to NPR, watch a couple of cable news shows, and end up feeling more overwhelmed than educated.


But with Freagle, you can cut to the chase, and select the issues or candidates you want to follow – so you can keep informed without being drowned in information. You’ll even be able to keep track of upcoming events that address your key issues.


Non-partisan and unbiased


We won’t accept advertising, political or otherwise. This will make us a truly open forum for all Americans – whether liberal, conservative or somewhere in-between.


Politics and Facebook just don’t mix


Don’t you hate it when people use social media for their political rants? Freagle will provide a new social arena just FOR politics – so you can feel free to unload all those pent-up emotions with the people YOU choose to be in your network!